Friday, September 13, 2013

Almost Fall... New Beginnings...

Hello fine people... how are you all? I am doing okay... It has been quite a year... I stay busy with work and with work and with work... lol... I have decided to start foster care, I am beginning the classes in October and am quite excited... so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... I decided that I have waited forever for the one thing I have known I have wanted all along in my life and that is to be a mom... so no more waiting... I am anxiously awaiting Fall and Pumpkin everything... hope you all are fabulous!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Yep... Karma takes care of it

Words to live by.... today and every day.. not up to me to settle the score... Karma always takes care of it... hatred in my heart only consumes me....and I am free of anger and resentment... she has to live with herself...

Sunday, January 20, 2013


they say life's bitch or I should say karmas a bitch....the person who I had issues with when I left my job just got fired....She was so mean to me, telling me that life And karma is a bitch....well I guess she is right. you reap what you sow. things otherwise are being home....stress's fabulous!!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

So much to say. I got a job. I'm moving home tomorrow. Well the movers aren't coming for a few weekends b/c I still need to pack but I got a job. It rocks. Life is going great. But I don't konw what happened to my pics...... I got to go.. packing!! Will write more later!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Who had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving??? I did.  Went to my dads first, then my mom's brother's house.  All we did was eat eat eat. Then my crazy family did the whole shopping thing, not me, oh no, I went home :)
Friday, while everyone had a food hangover and was tired, I relaxed and then we went back to my uncle's again and hung out and ate... Again..... Saturday, helped mom get out her Christmas decorations, and went to my aunt's house and mom did my hair ... I call it a skunk look... LORD... but it's okay...I'm thankful for it and it's just hair it grows back.

Sunday went to my dad's side of the family and had a huge dinner...over 30 people there, and was so excellent to be there to see all of them since we never get together.  Me and my cousin's girlfriend... I just loved our colors together :) we rocked it.

Now, today... had my interview... I put it out to the Universe that I am open to it ad whateverhappens happens...The job itself seems awesome working in a high school, off summers, off holidays, snow days, etc, like a teacher, the pay sucks, but come on, the cost of living backc home is soooo much lower than here in MD... it's ridiculous... it evens out......but I liked it... I felt good and now it's in God's hands.... :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

few days in it

So.... it's been a few days since I posted.  I'm home for a few days, my good and dear friend, Jackie's mom passed away, so I am home for the funeral. Of course tonight, the night of the family night, I wind up in the ER b / c of headache and jaw pain....find out it's sinus and dental infection... uhhh... sucks b/c I just got done being sick with bronchitis and viral meningitis.... but I"ll be fine... I have to be. Such good news, talked with my dad, he offered me his basement, living room, bath, bedroom, cons: pets stay in basement and what about when my girl R comes?? So, dad and his wife bought a house and they re did it plan to rent it out for vacation time... so they need it in the Spring.... ding ding... I can stay there now, 3 bedroom, 2 baths, me, ben and isa and then when R and Bubba Jane come  we can have PRIVACYYY!!!! I have an interview the Monday after Thanksgiving...who knew that all the things would fall into place with moving :) But here it is!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Who knew that we would both send each other gifts... her living in NC and me in MD, although, finally after all of these years, I am moving back home to VA..... R is fabulous... studying to be a Hospice nurse and me well I'm a social worker clinical... We both sent things to each other and were delivered this afternoon... had no clue we were doing that.... amazing.... I have been through some major ups and downs but wow I'm happy :) I can't wait to move back home and simplify my life, no need to be a big director anymore, so full of stress, on call 24/7, working 60 plus hours and for what? For people to turn on you? While I was out sick for a month with 2 pulmonary embolisms and then I had surgery, plans were already being made..... my immune system could not get better, i have had meningitis, bronchitis and pneumonia... lungs are a wreck but I have HOPE that it is going to get so much better once I'm gone from MD and the stress...And R, wow, well she just is a breath of sunshine, the sweetest thing ever, hoping maybe she can move with me in May, and that gives me time to get things settled.... My dog of 15 years died, had to put her down last May, I had no intention of getting a new dog but alas, I fell in love with Ben (a Scottish terrier/daschund) and my beautiful Isa (3 legged kitty) is still trucking along at 14 years, even with diabetes.  Today was a hard day, my longest closest friend, Jackie, her sweet soul and angel mom died....planning to go home for that....God answers all our prayers when we need it even when we have no clue what is going on.. I am a believer! Okay, well that is good for tonight... hope to reconnect with a bunch of you from before and meet some wonderful new friends :)